Our target is to reach the highest quality in waterway transport and also attendance of costumer satisfaction, without forgetting environmental awareness and social impact. Technology has come to change the man and the man to change the world. Some of our projects can be found below. 


Ubá is a digital platform to provide passengers information about boat trips, such as arrival and departure times, ticket prices, security items, photos and also the location of each vessel. This information and thousands more are results of a research done by us at Port's lab of UFPA (Universidade Federal do Pará) and it can be easily accessed using our application on any smartphone. In addition, the app will allow the  purchase of digital tickets, offering greater comfort to the passenger, who now will not be forced to move directly to the terminal to ensure their place on the vessel. 

Demand Statistics

At about ten millions tickets was sold in Amazônia according to National Water Transport Agency in 2017. Our team developed a research that verified 652 ships working on 197 water terminals connecting different lands in region. Also then, a software was created to help the management of hundred data generated in filed’s search

Assistive Navigation

Projects counting on previsibility data has been the way as the engineers currently found to reach bigger cargo handling. It means rain previsibility helping ship companies in charge of passengers transportation. A software has been increased to analyse the statistics about weather for that day and show the possible sea conditions. 

Autonomous Navigation

Autonomous ships are becoming a reality in last years. Following this statement, Navtech is now constructing a sailing boat to show how important this type of ship is for marine technology advance. The goal is to be part of the participants of the International Robotic Sailing Competition (IRSC) held in Annapolis, United States of America.